about bdac / the consultancy

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative is a cultural arts consultancy and arts accelerator based in New York City.

call to action: power strategic creative action for social impact in every corner of the country.

Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative (BDAC) is a cultural consultancy and arts accelerator that powers systems, strategies, and solutions for the arts and culture, social justice, wellness, community development, non profit and education ecosystems in NYC and nation-wide. Led by artist-scholar-organizer Ebony Noelle Golden, BDAC bridges many worlds. Our holistic, results-oriented perspective makes us effective strategists, educators, coaches, and community organizers.

Since 2009, BDAC has been supporting leaders and administrators in progressive organizations on a mission to create real, sustained social impact. To date, BDAC has worked with more than fifty organizations. Our clients know where they want to go; we provide the how. Because we think in decades, not years, we know how to turn any program or plan into a sustainable force for impact and transformation.

Ebony faciliting at Common Field Convening in Miami, Florida.

Ebony faciliting at Common Field Convening in Miami, Florida.


We provide strategy, design, and training services for the education, community organizing, and the arts & culture field. We emphasize measurable results, long-term planning, and a holistic perspective.  If you don’t see a service below, contact us. We collaborate and engage with flexibility.

Organizational Wellness

  • Vision Cultivation and Mapping

  • Strategic Planning

  • Justice Planning (formerly equity, inclusion, and diversity planning)

  • Theory of Change, Logic Model, Impact Strategy

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Project and Program Assessment

  • Impact Assessment

  • Evaluation Projects

  • Research and Recommendation Reports

Cultural Design

  • Community Engagement Strategy

  • Audience Development

  • Arts Education Strategy

  • Arts and Culture Research

  • Cultural Arts Initiatives Design

  • Culture Strategy

  • Program Design

  • Cultural Campaign Design

  • Educational Content Development and Design


  • Cultural Arts Training

  • Arts-based Strategy Training

  • Community Engagement Training

  • Executive Coaching

  • Cultural Organizing Training

  • Community Arts Education Training