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Justice Over Everything 2-Day Webinar Event


Join the Facebook Live Event Here!!!


Join the Facebook Live Event Here!!!

Join Ebony for a two-day deep dive into the current EID moment, our recent work in the field, and tips and practices on moving from equity to justice in your work.

For the last two years, BDAC has seen a significant up-tick in the amount of clients seeking EQUITY, ENGAGEMENT, and EVALUATION support. One need that has increased hand over fist is designing and implementing EQUITY PLANS.

We’ve completed each consultation rooted in equity with one caveat, WE ARE NOT EQUITY CONSULTANTS. We are cultural organizers and justice workers. We are not beholden to industry standards. Those who don't want to shift real systemic power, probably shouldn't work with us.

Truth is, it is time to retire the EID industry. Why?

1. Communities of marginalized folks have worked for social transformation without equity funding.

2. Quite often those communities most vulnerable are not benefitting from the EID industry.

3. Organizations operating on modest incomes can't afford equity plans that are increasingly becoming a field standard.

4. Those organizations who don't need funds tied to equity plans can opt out.

5. Justice should be a default and an expectation, field wide.

Join us next Monday and Tuesday as we advance a conversation about social justice in the arts and culture field.