Call for Administrative/Engagement Assistant

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative

Call for Administrative/Engagement Assistant

Applications Due January 20, 2019 at 5:30 PM

About Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative Founded and directed by artist-scholar-organizer-strategist Ebony Noelle Golden, Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, LLC is a cultural arts consultancy and arts accelerator based in New York City.  Our Call to Action: Power creative action for social impact nation-wide.

Since 2009, BDAC has been supporting leaders and administrators in progressive organizations on a mission to create real, sustained social impact. Our clients know where they want to go; we provide the how. To date, Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative has worked with more than fifty organizations. Together, we are co-creating a radical future.

Through our consultancy, BDAC builds, implements, and evaluates systems, strategies, and solutions for artists and organizations working in arts and culture, social justice, community development, education, and cultural wellness.  BDAC bridges many worlds. Our holistic, results-oriented perspective makes us effective strategists, educators, coaches, and community organizers. We power progressive social change through community-designed, culturally-relevant engagement initiatives and creative projects. Because we think in decades, not years, we know how to turn any program or plan into a sustainable force for impact and transformation.  

Through our arts accelerator, BDAC amplifies the creative agency and capacity of artists, educators, activists, and others who want to activate arts praxis and creativity for social change.  Through the consultancy BDAC has offered a community-based fellowship for the last ten years, trained hundreds of people in arts-centered technologies, produced a number of independent performances, curated numerous events, and funded artists to create their own work.  We envision creativity and art as a strategy for personal growth, spiritual practice, and professional development. For more information about BDAC, visit

Who is the ideal Administrative/Engagement Assistant?

The Administrative/Engagement Assistant will be responsible for curating client experiences aligned to the mission and vision of BDAC through ensuring day-to-day operations of BDAC.  They are inspired to organize creative encounters in schools, communities, and cultural institutions in New York City. The Engagement Assistant believes in the power of the arts to spark change, and is a deep listener, learner, and leader of creative change in their neighborhoods and beyond.  BDAC is seeking an enthusiastic and detail-oriented person to join our team as the Administrative/Engagement Assistant, enabling us to move strategically and efficiently towards our ambitious goals. The Administrative/Engagement Assistant plays a pivotal role on the team, supporting the administrative and programmatic operations of the organization.  

The ideal candidate has a track record of handling multiple responsibilities efficiently, and is motivated by supporting others to do their best work. The Administrative/Engagement Assistant is someone who is fulfilled by the day to day work of behind-the-scenes operations and sees this role as an opportunity to impact and support our team as we work toward social change.

You’ll fit right in if you are:

  1. Self-managed and self-motivated. We encourage education and coaching as part of our culture of disciplined excellence, and we don’t have time to micro-manage.

  2. Passionate about and active in the promotion of the arts and social justice.

  3. Ready to rise to the occasion when needed. You do not have a job; you have responsibilities, and we value the difference.

  4. Highly organized, detail-oriented, and collaborative.

  5. Not afraid to speak up and share your ideas (note: this does not mean you need to be an extrovert, just someone with a strong sense of self).

The Administrative/Engagement Assistant reports directly to the CEO. The role is part-time and will require on average 10-15 hours per week at $18.00 an hour.


  1. Belief in the mission and vision of BDAC

    College degree, preferably in an education, social justice, or arts-related discipline. In the absence of a college degree, applicants should have at least 4-6 years of full-time employment experience.

  2. An intermediate to advanced understanding of cultural organizing, social practice, community-based arts facilitation, and/or arts organizing practices.

  3. An intermediate to advanced practice of working with multi-generational communities of artists and non-artists of diverse abilities, backgrounds, and identities.

  4. Must have basic bookkeeping skills.

  5. Must have a strong work ethic and be punctual for all meetings, events, and community encounters.

  6. Must have experience working with Microsoft Office products and and the Google Suite.

  7. Must own working lap top.

  8. Must have internet access.

  9. Must have exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

  10. Must be a keen copy editor.

  11. Must pay attention to detail and possess the ability to juggle several tasks at once, especially in a fast-paced environment.

  12. Must have the exceptional ability to build and execute a project plans.

  13. Must possess the ability to make timely decisions and demonstrate good judgment.

  14. Must possess the desire to constantly improve and learn from past experiences.

  15. Must be able to work remotely and on-site.

  16. Must be able to commit approximately 10-15 hours a week.


  1. Organize, manage and execute key operational tasks, including scheduling meetings, managing inventory, organizing invoices, drafting artist/client agreements, and drafting other internal and external correspondence.

  2. Assist the CEO in performing tasks, managing CEO calendar and correspondence,  completing basic grant applications, and managing new and existing partnerships.

  3. Take notes during client meetings / transcribe notes.

  4. Coordinate documentation of events.

  5. Coordinate weekly meetings and trainings.

  6. Be responsive to emails, phone calls, and professional requests, in a timely fashion.

  7. Coordinate company events, performances, and professional development trainings.

  8. Collaborate with other community partners and BDAC  staff.

  9. Define company brand through events.

  10. Other duties as necessary.

To apply, compose an application package as one pdf and submit to

  1. 1-2 page resume detailing applicable experience.

  2. Headshot.

  3. Biography.

  4. Social media handles.

  5. Website.

  6. Cover Letter: In your letter, state and explain why you are interested in the position, your interest, previous work experience, and any other important information we need to know.

  7. Persuasive writing sample (2-3 pages) that demonstrates your writing ability.

  8. Contact information for three (3) references.

  9. Please include any questions in the body of the email.

Selected applicants will have an in person or virtual interview with BDAC staff.