BDAC Welcomes Arts-in-Action Fellow, Jebetu Moiwai

BDAC is excited to announce Jebetu Moiwai as our spring/summer Arts-in-Action Fellow.  She has already proven to be quite an asset supporting BDAC's community engagement, program evaluation, and administrative needs. Jebetu will be with our team through the summer.  She serves as BDACs second Arts-in-Action Fellow.  Artist and educator, Tara Daniels, served as BDACs initial fellow in 2016.

Welcome Jebetu!

Biography ||  Jebetu was born in Durham, North Carolina and is currently located in Yellow Springs, Ohio. When she was five years old, she lived in Ecuador where she became fluent in Spanish. In tenth grade, Jebetu took an environmental seminar class that allowed her to put context behind passion; She became further invested in the environment, social justice issues, and the future of the younger generations. Soon after, she attended a training through an organization called Generation Waking Up, and has facilitated workshops for her community that bring awareness to issues of social injustice and the way these issues are intertwined with the environment and earth.

Jebetu is currently a self designed Liberation Studies major at Antioch College where her passion for justice in it’s many forms has expanded. She sees this study as her life's work and plans to pursue radical psychology (somatic, eco, and liberation psych) in addition to history and performance throughout her undergrad and beyond. In the fall of 2015, she was the co- facilitator of the People of Color group at Antioch College, and involved in the startup of the Womyn of Color group on campus. Jebetu completed a beginners sign language class, and has recently followed her passion while simultaneously conquering a fear of dance by taking West African dance classes in her hometown Durham. Jebetu is in love with various forms of processing, singing, dancing, being surrounded by nature, astrology, and much more. She is truly a people’s person who loves to create, collaborate, and interact with humans of all ages and walks of life.



The Arts-in-Action Fellowship is offered through BDACs Arts Accelerator program.  

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