Emancipation Now!


A manifesto

“Freedom is not conferred.  It is assumed.  You take it.
You do it.  You act it.  You behave it.”
-Kerry James Marshall

For the next three years, BDAC is building a movement for creative emancipation through our arts accelerator program. Why?  Because our community of accountability and practice is feeling the weight of this current political moment. Why? Because we are living in a moment that reminds many of us of the ongoing and tireless work of our ancestors and elders. Why?  Because the current regressive immigration, reproductive justice, and health care policies are nothing new.  Why? Because art is the way community claps back.  Why? Because when we collectively dream our emancipated present and future, we are unstoppable.  Why?  Because now is the time to walk the emancipation walk from where you are to where we want to be, collectively.

In the tradition of…
Nina Simone
Sonia Sanchez
June Jordan
Audre Lorde
Mary Jackson
Barbara Jordan
Kimberlee Crenshaw
Maxine Waters
Harriet Tubman
Alice Coltrane
Alexis De Veux
Dorothy Vaughn
Barbara Ann Teer
Katherine Dunham
Pearl Primus
Elizabeth Catlett
Katherine Johnson

BDAC is excited to support work that indeed artistically, spiritually, and intellectually claps back at the current regime.  We understand that this charge requires all of us. Whether you are a business owner, an artist, an educator, a construction worker, an activist, a doctor, or a politician, we have critical positions to play on the world stage. BDAC is bringing our resources to the table.  We’re bringing our access, our coins, our strategies, our friends, and our partners to the table.  It’s emancipation time!  What are you bringing?


Mara Measor