about bdac / the artS accelerator

Through our arts accelerator, BDAC amplifies the creative agency and capacity of artists, educators, activists, and others who want to activate arts praxis and creativity for social change.  Through the consultancy BDAC has offered a community-based fellowship for the last ten years, trained hundreds of people in arts-centered technologies, produced a number of independent performances, curated numerous events, and funded artists to create their own work.  We envision creativity and art as a strategy for personal growth, spiritual practice, and professional development.

Currently BDAC is incubating several performance art projects in collaboration with cultural institutions city-wide.

  1. August 2019. World Premier: In The Name Of… Commissioned by The Shed. The first in a performance triptych inspired by the creative work and scholarship of long-time collaborator, Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs,  In The Name Of...is communion, is re/memory, is revival.  Fueled by concepts of “generative apocalypse” explored in M Archive: After the End of the World, this processional performance weaves poetry, music, movement, and a communal meal to recall and activate an iterative, experimental, and polyphonic process of world-making in the wake of a new day.  

  2. June 2019. World Premier: 125th & FREEdom 125th & FREEdom is a large-scale public, choreopoetic, ritual that explores how Harriet Tubman would free her people if she lived today.

  3. November 16th & 17th 2018. wash’d// will have a two-night workshop run at BAAD! wash’d// is an evening-length dance theatre ritual that explores sisterhood in the fight for social justice. The piece re-imagines relationships, challenges, and triumphs among three organizers from the Civil Rights Movement and the current movement for black lives.

  4. FREEdom Arts Academy—The FREEdom Arts Academy is a social justice arts academy that brings rigorous creative, educational, and community engagement training to communities. Currently, BDAC is collaborating with Williamsburg Charter High School in Brooklyn on a three-month launch of the project.


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The Arts-in-Action (AIA) Fellowship

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative invites competitive applications for its Arts-in-Action fellowship program.  Conceived in 2009, BDAC’s fellowship program advances the brilliant work of artists, activists, and educators through real-world training in cultural strategy, community arts education, art administration, public performance, and cultural activism.  To date, BDAC has trained more than 500 practitioners through its fellowship program and affiliate professional development services offered with collaborators and clients. 

This fellowship trains early career and emerging cultural professionals in BDAC's approach to cultural arts direct action, arts strategy, entrepreneurship strategies, program design, and approaches to cultural activism.  Three fellows will be accepted. course credit optional.

All are encouraged to apply, regardless of race, class, educational background, citizenship status, performance skills, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. BDAC is a no hate zone.  We are guided by womanism, racial justice, social justice, cultural wellness, collaboration, shared work, and responsibility.